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♥My heart is on my Sleeve..** [entries|friends|calendar]
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NEW LJ! [tuesday
july 12, 2005
at 5:07pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

hi all.

i got a NEW livejournal.


no more updating on this one..most likley.


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-damn cheese- [monday
july 11, 2005
at 10:36pm
[ mood | silly ]

hi all!

random update..haha i get like this in the summer when im bored.

today was fun.
i went to Rachels which was fun! i havent seen her since like..March.
we got DQ then went back to her house, ate and watched Coach Carter. i love that movie.
then i had to go.

so my mom and i went to Target and got new air matresses and i got the new Fall Out Boy CD. its really good.

after we went to Tylers and gave him one of the air matresses we picked up for them.
so then Gina, Tyler and I started to play Volleyball. lol that was fun.
we also played basketball until Tyler noticed that they were a Wasp nest and wanted to get rid of it and started pounding it and pissing off the Wasps. so we ran inside.
where we played Mancala and Twister Moves.

then i came home. and played some DDRE!! haha yes. i tried Heavy mode. but i kept failing. so i gave up.

me and kaylaCollapse )

so nashville is in 5 freaking DAYS! im really excited.

well leave it.


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-brace yourself- [friday
july 08, 2005
at 10:09pm
[ mood | awake ]


Cedar Point was sooo much fun!
when we got there it was jessica, kt, lauren, kelly and I. we went on the blue streak.
then me and jessi went on the disaster transport. after we went to "check in" and then me and jessi broke off from kt laurn and kelly. and we got lunch first.
then we went on the power tower, DRAGSTER, magnum, Gemini, Mean Streak, and Snake River falls.
after that we met up with josh josh adam and beth at mellenium force. so we went on that and then we went on the DRAGSTER again :]. i went on it with adam and his face was so freaking hillarious in the picture.
after we started walking to the magnum but decided to go on the raptor instead. so we did that.
then me, adam, josh and josh went on maXair.
after that it was time to go home. so we got on the bus and chilled. lol i sat with jessica. then kevin. then adam. and then Jessica and Adam. lol.
then we brought home jessica and kt.
now im hereeeee.

tomorrow is the Pool Party. im..excited?

leave itt.


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-its not that bad- [thursday
july 07, 2005
at 7:41pm
[ mood | <---i freaking love that face! ]

hi everyone<3

the past couple days have been fun. it was Frog. whoope.
today was really fun though. we went to a homeless shelter and was serving food and stuff.
then we came back at like 12:30 and played water games till 3. it was really fun. at like 2 though it jsut turned into a HUGE water fight. haha i got the bucket dumped on my head like 2 times. lol. but it was fun.

after i had to go to the Ortho. haha there was a new like assistant person and it was a guy who looked my age..lol he was hottttt. :P. Turns out he was my Orth's son. haha

after i went to Best Buy and got a protable CD player and teh new howie day CD. i love it.

so tomorrow is CEDAR POINT!!!!! im really excited.
my group is;;
kt, lauren, kelly, jessica, charlie, kevin, allie(probally).
im excited<33

we could have diedCollapse )

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-here is gone- [tuesday
july 05, 2005
at 10:39pm
[ mood | happy ]


today was the first day of frog.
it was fun i guess. haha we worked..duh.
and then this afternoon we went to the waterpark. it was fun.

then came home and showered and went to Kt's for dinner.
we ate then played DDR and her friends Vicki, Anna, and Arda came over. we all played then i went home.

lol yeah well half of you seriously wont care about this but i broke up with josh.
ha and you know im kinda happy i did because now things seem totally and completely normal again. and i like it that way. :].

Jessica is going to Cedar Point with us Friday. im so freaking excited. yessssssssssssssss. shes never been the Cedar Point and her first time going shes going with me. haah yes. its gonna be soo much fun<33.

well im out.
leave it.


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-ah..i got shot..oh wait..just kidding!- [friday
july 01, 2005
at 9:49pm
[ mood | sore ]

hi everyone!

well today was..good and bad all at the same time :].
i got up at 5am and got ready to go to the hospital.
we got there and sat and waited. then Teresa came. we talked then i read, and then my grandma came. and my mom finally went in to the surgury.
me tami teresa and my grandma all went and got some breakfast while we waited. after me and tami went up to the room she went to when it was done and waited...then she came.
the Doctor came and said that the Artery in her heart was on a thread, and then it was like about to break. and when it did she would have had a huge heart attack, and possibly died. i started crying then.
but they fixed the problem, so shes going to be okay.
then she got a room and my sister and i went to lunch and then home.

and then at 5 it was time for paintball!!
they picked me up and we drove out there and then got all out stuff. the first game was 2 against one (me and becca against JD.) which was okay. lol we lost anyways. then we got split into teams. i was with becca and some other guy.
when i got out becca was the only one left and the guy snuck up on her and was all "SURRENDER" and then she didnt hear him and yeah it was funny.
lol and one time it was me with 2 of the good people, and i was the last one left...i felt special. haha. and i shot one of them because we won or whatever. and the good people were all "your good." im like...hahahahah woo!
then we played more and one time when we started i was running to a bunker and got hit 3 times. they hurt bad.
over all i got hit about 6 times. so i have 6 welts. joy.
then we went and got Clarks and i went home :].

Paintball is uber fun..i wanna do it again :].

HAPPY CANADA DAY, my fellow canadian friends :]

leave it.


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-is it enough to breath?- [thursday
june 30, 2005
at 3:15pm
[ mood | content ]

hey everyone :].

this is a random update. im basically just uber bored.

today i got up at 9 and went out with my mom. we went to Home Depot, Khols and the grocery store. i got 2 pairs of shorts and some new addidas flip flops because my other ones were litteraly dead. lol. my new ones are purdy :].

there was a huge thinderstorm today. it was so aweasome. lol. the Lightning was so pretty. but when i was briging in grocerys i though i was gonna die. lol. but i dont think that the storms are over.

well tomorrow my mom is have Surgery. on her heart. im not exactly sure what its for again, all i remember is that theres some blockadge in her heart.
my mom was asking me how i feel about it all, becuase she said she thought i didnt care.
but i do, im just like..not sure how i feel about it.

also im playing Paintball tomorrow with jd and becca. lol im starting to get over the fact that its gonna hurt like hell and that im probally gonna cry. hah oh well. im excited.

well i guess im gonna go. im bored.

leave it.


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